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Smells like Florida’s own Florida had a healthy plate of baked beans for breakfast

school-bus.jpgAccording to The Legal Satyricon, Florida has its own Florida, and its name is Polk County. A resident of this county, 15-year-old Johnathan Locke, Jr. “has been accused of passing gas on the school bus, and for that mere accusation he was barred from riding the bus for three days.”

The official “school bus misbehavior form” states the following:

Johnathon passes gas on the bus to make the other children laugh and it is so stink that you can’t breath after he does it.

I wonder if whoever filled out this form can be barred from filing out other such forms in the future on account of misspelling Locke’s name and using questionable sentence structure (although “it is so stink” may be my new favorite insult).

(Hat tip: Marco)

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Oddly enough, a friend of mine was called to his son's school last week and asked to take his son home because "his farting was bothersone to the other children". Naturally, he refused. What are these schools thinking? I should add that this particular child has documented GI disease and is on a very restricted diet.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to work the "Smelled/Dealt" defense. Just watch out for the "Denied/Supplied" counter.

That is related to the rhyme, crime defense correct?

"...filing out other such forms in the future on account of misspelling..."

Get a fucking life asswad. If you're going to criticize someone's spelling make sure you're own spelling is correct.

I wonder if anyone will see my willful misuse of a word in my previous response.

Sadly, probably not.