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Great way to get out of a speeding ticket

speeding-ticket.jpgSouth Australian Kathryn Fluin is a genius. When her car was busted for speeding last December, she told the cops it wasn’t her driving the car. She then gave a declaration saying it was David Smart, a British chap living half-a-world away. Apparently, she just picked his name out of the phone book, because he’s never heard of her, and never even been to Australia:

Mr Smart was fined $196 for driving 8km/hr over the speed limit in the Adelaide Hills, despite the fact he has never been to Australia.
Adding to the mystery are claims by the police that the woman who owned the car allegedly involved signed a statutory declaration claiming Mr Smart had been behind the wheel.
“I’ve never been to Australia, which is a wonderful country I’m sure, and I would love to go there one day,” Mr Smart said from his home in Scunthorpe.
“And I’ve never had a ticket in my life, I’m pleased to say.
“The woman is obviously mistaken and where she got my name and address from I have no idea.”
After consulting with local police in his home town of Scunthorpe, Mr Smart was advised not to pay the fine, which originally arrived in his letterbox last December.
However since then he has received a stern reminder from South Australian police, ordering him to pay up or risk being issued an even heftier fine.

And Mr. Smart has learned a valuable lesson from all this: “I think if I get caught for speeding I’ll have to give them Kathryn Fluin’s name.”

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so did her license and registration match? Cause I believe those cops were stupid