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This Man is Running for President?

Libertarian Mike Gravel: I think I love you. You’ve just turned the YouTube generation on its head, socked them in the nose, and kicked them in the teeth. You are my *hero*, you crazy goddamn bastard.

Now, go sell some baskets to elderly people, ya fucking kook.

(The video won’t make much sense until the :30 second mark, then your eyeballs are gonna bleed!)

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What the hell?

Is Lewis Black would say, this makes me glad I did acid as a youth.

Mike Gravel is an American Hero. He was instrumental in forcing Nixon's resignation. You should read American history before you diss the guy.

Mike Gravel is by far the most awesome candidate EVER! Seriously, he's the candidate least likely to make me retch. And his crazy YouTube vids aren't that new--or did you miss the rock-tossing one?

Just one correction. Mike Gravel is not a libertarian. In fact, he is by far the most liberal (read: socialist) Democratic candidate that was running. He's put other videos on YouTube also. This one is my favorite. Mike Gravel is a truly awesome individual and a great politician. It's a real shame that even his own party wouldn't let him have a voice, or that this country is so conservative that his ideas make him seem like a crackpot.

I often sort of jokingly say Libertarians are nutty (which isn't to say I'm thrilled with the parties in power), but this is just bizarre.