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Goddamnit, I Heart Bill Clinton

161180~Bill-Clinton-Posters.jpgAs the presidential campaign heats up, we feel compelled to focus some attention on politics and, since politicians are also lawmakers (well, in theory anyway), we figure it’s not outside the scope of our blog. And me: I’m a huge, honking Bill Clinton fan, and nothing riles me up and tingles my political loins more than when Bill gets all self-righteous. I get goose-pimply and goo-goo eyed and remember a time in our distant past when politicians actually knew how to talk smack, back before they just exchanged robotic sound bites with toothless barbs in them (yeah, even Hillary).

Anyway, aside from his latest book tour — which has been mostly drama free — the former president has been relatively quiet. But, in the video below, Big Willy takes the G.O.P. to task for ridiculously attacking his wife over that whole MoveOn.org controversy. And man, it’s got my blood pumping again — how I can’t wait until November 2008, when I finally get to feel like a Philly fan as I watch the Dems inevitably falter during the last few days of the campaign and give up a huge lead in heartbreaking fashion, coughing up the election to some douchebag from New York City.

(And if you can’t wait 14 months to experience that feeling, just ask Seth to describe it to you on Monday, after the Phillies are inevitably swept this weekend and knocked out of the playoffs. Good times! I believe the estimable Bashman and our blog buddy, Mr. Last, are also Philly fans, so listen up for that achy blog yawlp sometime around 3:30 on Sunday, when the Phillies dash the hopes of millions! Playoff fever: Catch it!)

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I am a Republican and I can't find anything unfair in Clinton's statements. Why should we want an executive branch demanding kowtowing to and abrogation of rights to the military? Since when did critical commentary become un-American?

When did critical commentary become un-American?

Gee, I don't know... when was the last time American went to war?