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He’ll Be Riding Six White Horses When He …

Getting_straight_vhs.jpgAll right, let’s see if I can parse this out: A Florida Lawyer named Jack Thompson — who himself is being threatened with disbarment — is actually suing the Florida Bar for allegedly collaborating with another Florida attorney, Norm Kent, with whom Thompson has had a contentious legal history. Whatever. Not important.

The important thing is that Thompson hates Kent, who publishes the National Gay News website and who Thompson accuses in a lawsuit of distributing porn “to anyone of any age.” And to prove his point, Thompson thought it was a good idea to include, in his motion to the judge, several gay porn pictures, though none actually come from Kent’s site (they are linked from the NGN’s adult section).

Well, the judge apparently didn’t care for the photos (what — is he a homophobe?) and so the judge is considering contempt charges.

The attached exhibit, which includes several graphic images of oral and genital sex between adult males, was filed electronically in the docket in this case, without prior permission from the court.
To the extent that the other attorney’s alleged conduct is in any way relevant… there was no need for Mr. Thompson to file these graphic images in the public record. A simple reference to the website and its alleged links would have sufficed.
Through his actions, Mr. Thompson made available for unlimited public viewing, on the court’s docketing system, these graphic images.

But the fantabulous part of this case is Thompson’s response to the judge’s displeasure.

To hold Thompson in contempt for alerting the federal court system to the criminal activity… is akin to arresting Paul Revere, in 1775, for “disturbing the peace” with his midnight ride.

Yep — Jack Thompson and Paul Revere: Two peas in a pod. American heroes. One warns that the British are coming, and the other distributes images of gay men coming.

Good night. Thank you very much. There’ll be another show in two hours.

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This is what Jack Thompson is doing every other day of the year:
...how did he become a lawyer again?

It's always something!! I want you to know I've been a legal secretary for 13 years and I just can't take it no more. Your's is the only site I can go to that even remotely resembles anything to do with the legal field. Why? Because you make me laugh. God, what a bunch of pompous, pretentious, self-important assholes you all are. Did I mention I love your site? And also, through my years of legal training, I am forced to re-read everything I write over and over to make sure I don't make some lawyer look bad. Will I ever be free?