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Girls don’t make passes…

In an incident that could easily be on the next episode of “Reno 911!,” an actual Reno, Nevada prostitute hops into a car looking to make a quick deal, completely ignoring the fact that it is a cop car. True, the detective was in plain clothes and the car unmarked, but the police radio was blaring (she even had to scream in order to be heard over it), and the emergency lights were on the dash.

But, unlike other cases of criminals lacking situational awareness, she had a logical and sound reason for doubting the apparent proof of the cop’s identity:

“You wear glasses, and I didn’t think police could wear them,” she told him.

I heard that, if you think a guy is an undercover, you should ask him if he is a cop three times. He can’t lie on the third time. You don’t think that one is fake too, do you?