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‘Scuse me — you got change for thirty grand?

coins.jpgPoor Rodney Dennis. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the dude was a city employee stuck with the crappy job of emptying parking meters, the city he happened to work in was Newark, New Jersey. I mean, have you ever been to New Jersey, particularly Newark? Miserable, I’ll tell you what.

So I get why Dennis would want to do whatever the hell he could to get himself a better life. And if that “whatever the hell he could” happens to be stealing over thirty grand in coins, so be it. Unfortunately for Dennis, the NJ authorities don’t quite see it that way, and he’s now been indicted with official misconduct and theft (which is on top of the fact that he was fired back in February).

And for those who are curious, turns out that thirty grand worth of quarters stack up to about 700 feet. Fox News, reporting the hard facts!

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You know why New Yorkers are so depressed don't you? They finally figured out that the light at the end of the tunnel is NEW JERSEY!