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Georgia On My Mind Part 1

krystal_logo-792893.jpgHello again. I have managed to separate myself from my latest unholy addiction to Mass Effect (sweet, sweet, sexy Mass Effect) to do some new posts. In honor of my home state (which, despite Stephen Colbert and his SC comrades, will always be the TRUE Peach State), I have quite a few stories involving Georgians.

First up: The city of Winder, Ga., where four employees of a neighborhood Krystal’s restaurant were fired after complaining about their managers’ method of dealing with suspected thieves. The method? Strip searches.

For those of you not familiar with Krystal’s, it is basically White Castle in the Southeast. This is allegedly how it happened:

Herbert Hunter, Daphne Hill and Shannon Jackson were fired after they complained that only the black employees were strip searched. Quinthony Brown did not return to work after he was searched.
According to the EEOC, a white cashier left work on June 29, 2005, without asking a manager to count the money in her register. The register later came up $100 short. Two white managers immediately questioned three black employees and forced them to undress to prove they were not hiding the money.
The cashier was never questioned about the missing money, the EEOC said.
Hill and Jackson were fired after complaining that they were singled out for the search because they are black and Hunter was fired because he told his managers their actions were discriminatory, according to the EEOC.

Really, regardless of the color of the participants, what would possess a manager to demand his employees be strip searched? What the hell do they teach these management trainees anyway? That the franchise is their own little duchy, and that all under their bad florescent lighting are under their sway?

I wonder if anyone put a golden chalice on the counter there, would anyone steal it, only to be left hanging from the Krystal’s sign as a warning to others.

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mass effect is pretty much the epitome of awesome.

how far are you?

let me tell you, i've beaten it and the ending is pretty much the best ending in any game ever.

oh, good post too :)