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That’s not a robbery, this is a robbery!

croc-dundee.jpgIn Australia, a judge recently referred to a pair of thieves as “the keystone robbers,” on account of their big heist going stupidly awry. Seems that Donna Hays and Benjamin Jorgensen were hoping to score $30,000 last April when they robbed a Melbourne restaurant. But — whoops — instead they wound up with a bag of rolls. Then, to make matters worse, Benjamin accidentally shot Donna in the hip, putting her in the hospital for four weeks.

And then, there’s the double-irony in the story: the name of the restaurant they stole the rolls from was the Cuckoo Restaurant, and the botched robbery actually took place on April Fool’s Day.

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I'd just like to put in my (completely irrelevant) 2c by saying that i work only a couple of kilometres from the cuckoo, and i remember when this happened. YAY!