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Give This Man a Prize!

taserST2006_468x342.jpgHere’s the deal: A mother and father in Texas have a baby at The Woman’s Hospital. The father, who sounds like a huge honking asshole (he has a history of beating his wife) decides, along with his wife, that they don’t want to stay in the hospital anymore because they feel mistreated (i.e., there was a really good game on TV that night and the hospital didn’t have cable TV). So, Mom and Dad — without requesting a discharge — decide to take their baby and leave.

Staff members caught the new parents trying to leave with the baby and attempted to ascertain the relationship of the father with the baby he was holding. Father gets angry. Verbally abusive. Uses expletives. Mother says, “We want to leave.”

Security guard says, no way. Security guard, who clearly wouldn’t know the difference between his ass and a paper bag, Tasers the father. While the father is holding the baby.


“I’ve got to wonder what kind of moron would Tase an adult holding a baby,” said George Kirkham, a former police officer and criminologist at Florida State University. “It doesn’t take rocket science to realize the baby is going to fall.”

And fall is exactly what the baby did. The father is now considering a lawsuit, claiming that his daughter suffered injuries. The child, however, is in child protective services because the father is a danger to the child. Protective services says the baby is fine.

Regardless: Common sense certainly suggests that you don’t Taser people holding newborns. They will fall.

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All I gotta say is, I feel really sorry for that baby.