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Fill ‘er up!

red_gas_pump.jpg Okay, I feel pretty bad about the downer story from before, especially since the actual lawyers aren’t around and you are stuck with me until the weekend. So maybe I can rummage around in my bin of weird-ass news items to make up for it. Ah, here is something…

It seems a gas station clerk in Charleston, W. Va. got caught giving her family and friends a little “employee discount”. What the big deal? Well, that discount was from the regular $2.999 to about, say, $0.001.

That’s right. A tenth of a penny. PER GALLON. The clerk, her mother, brother, a cousin and two others were arrested through a sting operation after the station owner checked the books. With that kind of ingenious scam, how so ever did they get caught?

Fun fact: there is actually a name for that denomination - the mill (because it is 1/1000 of a dollar).

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Wow, the thought of having mill coins makes me not hate pennies so much... it could be worse!

In most states, the definition of theft is stealing something worth at least 1 penny. I guess if their relatives got more than 10 gallons, it meets this threshold, but I can't imagine a judge imposing any sort of punishment. This is pretty retarded.

Well, the gas is worth 2.999 so they were stealing 2.998 per gallon.

Darn! She was only trying to get rid of that .9. Why can't they just round off?