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fishing-boat.jpgHey Roy, so I got an idea. You know those new license stickers we’re supposed to give to the fishermen, for them to stick on their boats? Yeah, right. So after doing absolutely no research whatsoever, I decided to go with these stickers which disintegrate in salt water. I don’t see a problem with this plan, do you? …Excellent.

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I work at a tiny marina owned by a lovely family. Every summer, people bring their boats out for the season. It never fails that the majority of boaters always put their boat stickers on almost aways at the same time. Not when the boat is on the trailer in the parking lot, nor when at the launch. Not even when they have the boat at the pier. No, it aways as they start to pull out to the lake that they remember they need to put on new stickers. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen people take headers into the water leaning over the side of their moving boat. I guess the sign we put up next to the launch every spring just isn't obvious enough.