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I had a feeling in my gut this would happen, but I actually held out hope….

I am sure most of you readers are familiar with the ridiculous antics of Fred Phelps and the loonies at the Westboro Baptist Church.

In an effort to both spread their filth and blatantly exploit a celebrity’s death, they intend on protesting at Heath Ledger’s funeral, due to his role in Brokeback Mountain.


To take a page from sister site WIMB:

Curb stomp (n): The act of taking a person, placing their face against a street curb, and then forcing their jaw into said curb with one’s foot as hard as possible. See: American History X.

As in: While I do not officially condone nor encourage such actions, I would not be overly upset if Phelps and Co. receive some righteous curb stomps.

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May I be first in line, please? I'll be sure to wear my old steel-toe boots.

I've still got my Doc Martin's from my hard core punk days-and a burning hatred for homophobes. I've been in fist fights with asshats like this before so I'd definately be game for a curb stomping. They may think gay men can't fight and in some cases they're right...but watch out for pissed off fag hags they'll cut you.

I genuinely want to cry in my cubicle right now. F***.

Don't these people have ANYthing else to do? Were all the spaces taken at the nearest abortion protest? I do sincerely hope these people get their asses kicked.

Completely unintentional, but these nutjobs have done more to help the acceptance of homosexuality than any other group in America. There is a BBC program call "Most Hated Family in America". This militant insanity of this "church" has forced Americans to examine their own beliefs. A prime example of why these idiots should have the free speech to make asses out of themselves. Besides, they aren't going to win their appeal and soon they will be broke and we won't have their shananigans to shocked by.

Their zip code starts with 666. Coincidence? I think not.

I would totally crank call them if I wasn't afraid of them getting my number off caller ID.

three elle, dialing *67 before dialing the number will block your number for that call. I'd totally call them if I could think of anything to say besides "How can you be so hateful? I just don't understand."

This totally ridiculous!! Are they not considering the fact that the man was human and he has family? They'd better be careful of their cruel judgement, because the very same thing could happen to them. You show no compassion, you get no compassion!!!!

Bobbie, they sure as hell didn't consider the family's feelings when they protested at the trial of Matthew Shepard's killers.

I say curb stomp the fuckers.