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Fatty Fatty Two By Fou … Thunk …

FatWomenTryingtogetpantson.jpgThis story begins at Magic Springs theme park, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Magic Springs was the lone amusement park of my youth — a bit of a ghetto Six Flags with one single roller coaster ride consisting of a simple loop that, a few years ago, eventually gave up its ghost about halfway through, leaving its many passengers hanging upside down. I understand the coaster was soon thereafter torn down, to make way for the Twist and Shout, the subject of this current litigation.

It seems a … er … heavyset woman fell 11 feet from the Twist & Shout roller coaster and struck a metal electric mailbox. She’s now suing the theme park for $16 million for the injuries she suffered.

The catch, of course, is that the woman, described by some as “extremely large,” was allowed to take up two seats on the coaster, which apparently led to her being flung from the coaster because her center of gravity shifted. However, the woman, Felicia Robinson, describes herself as “healthy, active and industrious.” She’s claiming that the park employees did not seat her properly or provide enough safety features.

Now, let’s read between the lines here, all right? In all likelihood, this beast of a woman, who probably weighed upwards of 350 pounds, likely browbeat a poor 16-year-old into letting her on the roller coaster in the first place — I’m sure he had reservations about it, and she was all like, “You better let me on or I’ll sue your ass for fat-ass discrimination.” He probably reluctantly agreed because he was embarrassed, prying her into two seats and praying his dear little heart out that nothing would happen. I dunno. Maybe the woman ought to consider taking some personal goddamn responsibility in the matter; I’m not taking about personal responsibility for her weight — if she wants to be obese, more power to her — but, c’mon: Have sense enough to know that roller coasters were not designed for anyone to take up two seats. It’s not a commercial airliner — it’s a ride that depends, largely, on gravity and centrifugal force. Three-hundred and fifty pounds spread across two seats ought to ring a few bells in the woman’s head, like, “if I get in this, I’m going to get shot out like a canon at an electric mailbox.”

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That picture is just oh so disturbing.

I'm gonna post this on today PL's with a caption that reads simply, "Sic 'im, gals."

I've been in line with an obese woman who did just that: brow-beat the minimum wage pimple faced teenager into letting her on the ride. She made such a fuss, people started yelling profanities at her. It was a near-riot. Fortunately for her, the harness wouldn't close properly, but she still insisted and complained until security had to escort her off the ride and hopefully, out the park. They were steadfast in not letting her get her way and they probably saved her fat-ass life.

and didn't a woman die at six flags magic mountain for that very reason?

Wasn't someone decapitated by one of those rides where people's legs hang down? I know that has nothing to do with fatties but its interesting.

I'm a full-figured woman and I'm really appalled by your comments. FAT PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!!