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It’s not Funny My Ass is on Fire

pic_man_on_fire.jpgA serial arsonist recently discovered that his profession does not come without some danger. The man, who has connections to several arsons in the Rome, Georgia area, broke into a convenience store, stole some lottery tickets, and attempted to erase his tracks by setting the place on fire. Hijinx ensued:

He’s coming through the front door, using a center punch … In the man’s hand appeared to be charcoal lighter fluid. Within seconds, he began to douse the store. At one point, he spotted the surveillance camera above him and sprayed it.

At that point, the lighter fluid was sitting there with the fumes accumulating, so when he got to the point of igniting it, the fumes had already built up. So that when he tries to set the store on fire, he sets himself on fire.

The fire ignites his face, and all around him, and that’s w[h]ere it looks like he got some flash burns. While still on fire, the suspect grabbed rolls of lottery tickets.

I suppose when you’re an arsonist, lighting yourself on fire is just an occupational hazard. A lawsuit against the lighter-fluid company, however, seems all but inevitable.

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Wow, a Mr. Bungle reference, I'm impressed!

I just love that the guy grabbed the lottery tickets AFTER he was already on fire. A couple of scratch-its with likely no pay-off is worth being burned alive?