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The Daily Memo - 6/5/07

check.jpgA court has rejected the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s attempt to get custody of a 4-yearl-old foster child. (Miami Herald)

check.jpgAnd speaking of friggin’ Florida - a city has told residents that their yards need more grass, despite the fact that there’s a drought. (Tampabay.com)

check.jpgIf you’ve had sex with a Congressman or other high-ranking government official, Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine might just have $1 million for you. (UPI)

check.jpgA case claiming that the script for White Chicks was impermissibly copied has been thrown out of court – why anyone would want credit for that celluloid filth remains to be seen. (The Hollywood Reporter, Esq.)

check.jpgA former Powerball winner recently found himself back in court, again – but at least he can afford to pay his attorneys with that $113 million he took home. (The Charlston Gazette)