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F’ this guy!

curse-words.jpgThere’s this fucker down in South Carolina, Robert Ford, who’s a state senator. And this sumbitch cocksucker has a bill ready for filing which would ban lewd language, to the tune of up to five fucking years in the clink and/or fines of up to five fucking grand.

That’s some shit, right?

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It's long been my opinion that "appropriate language" is a tool of the oppressor classes.

In my world, cursing is an integral part of communication. There is usually no moral component at all to it. Nor is there any deliberate usage designed to titilate (sp?).

These people, and forgive me Dustin, but they almost all seem to be white southern men, always, always, set barriers to lessen other human beings in their own estimation with some sort of arbitrary standard.

I could make a cheesy comment, but that would almost feed their justification.

These people who continually set behavioral mores for others are our version of the Taliban and it's time to fight back.

Oh my God! I so shoulda looked at the link first!

LOL, Bill W. just got pwned! Which reminds, me, can Senator Ford also add a prohibition on internet-speak?

But seriously, do these politicians have nothing better to do? Or is this a way to increase state revenues by implementing hefty fines?

As usual, you forgot to mention the party affiliation of this joker. Here, I'll help you out - you forgot the (D), just like the article you linked to did. Now, if he had a (R), you would have had that in the first sentence...