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ryan_reynolds_97.jpgNote to self: Next time I’m strapped to a gurney, resist urge to drool.

An FDNY emergency medical technician turned the Hippocratic Oath on its ear, slugging a restrained patient in the face during a ride to Kings County Hospital, a $2 million suit alleges.
Dennis Mathis, 25, was strapped onto a stretcher last Dec. 1 when he incurred the wrath of an EMT by drooling on him, according to the suit.
“My son was face down and the EMS worker was trying to put an oxygen mask on him, and I heard him yelling and screaming that he was choking,” said Mathis’ distraught mother, Stephanie Bethean.

What the suit doesn’t say, however, is why the patient was drooling: Apparently, Ryan Reynolds was walking by. I hope this guy doesn’t have children; I’d hate to see what he did to a teething infant.