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Duck duck goose

duck-duck-goose.jpgA train conductor for CSX Transportation is now suing the company for negligence after an accident in a railyard. Aaron Richards was performing a brake test on a train when things went bad.

You might be thinking that the brakes failed, causing the train to wreck. …You’d be wrong.

You might be thinking that the brakes worked too well, causing Richards to lurch forward and injure himself. …You’d still be wrong.

You might be thinking that he was inspecting the train when a goose attacked him. …You’d be right.

Richards says that CSX knew that this goose nested in the train yards, and was therefore negligent in not protecting him when the fiercest of the animal kingdom sprung out from underneath a train and attacked him so viciously that he fell right the fuck over.

When asked for comment, the goose in question said: “Yeah, I attacked the guy. I feast on the blood of humans, what can I say?”

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Geese are evil blood-thirsty spawns of Satan!