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… because there’s not enough road rage as it is …

50003~Confederate-Flag-Posters.jpgA Florida representative, Donald Brown (who I believe is a ranking member of the Dipshit Party) has filed a bill asking the state to add a “Confederate Heritage” license plate to the arsenal of specialty license tags in the state. The extra $25 fee for the plate — which would give motorists a way to “show pride in their heritage” — would go to the Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor those who had great-great grandparents who fought hard to keep slavery alive.

Jesus Christ: Why doesn’t the guy just ask the state to add a “I Hate Black People” license plate while he’s at it. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

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We've had these plates in Maryland for years. Funny none of these proud "Sons of the Confederacy" would ever think to drive and park their cars in Baltimore. Of course they've done more damage by fleeing to the suburbs, taking cash and jobs with them, than any little racist pride on car tags ever have.

Besides the fact that the Confederate flag is a relic of an armed rebellion against the duly established government of the United States and has no rightful place outside of cemeteries, museums and historical sites...


Estimates of the number of men who served in the Confederate armed forces range from as low as 500,000 to as high as 2 million.

Florida provided approximately 15,000 troops to the Confederacy.

Meaning that Florida troops accounted for possibly as little as 3/4 of 1%, or 0.0075, of the fighting men of the Confederacy!

DELAWARE probably has more of a Confederate heritage than Florida, and it fought with the Union!

Somebody PLEASE buy Representative Brown a history book!