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Didn’t I See This on “The Practice”?

key_art_the_practice.jpgDoes anyone remember the episode of David E. Kelley’s “The Practice” where an obese woman opted to plead guilty to killing her husband instead of revealing the truth: That she rolled over him in her sleep, suffocating him.

This case looks awfully similar:

A nearly half-ton woman could not have beaten her nephew to death as she was charged because the 1,000 pounds she’s carrying makes it impossible, her attorney said Tuesday.
Mayra Rosales’ defense attorney Sergio Valdez said his 27-year-old client lacks the movement in her arms to have killed the child, calling it an “impossibility.”
Rosales was indicted last week in the March 18 death of 2-year-old Eliseo Gonzalez Jr., who prosecutors say was hit twice in the head while being watched by his aunt.
The boy’s mother, Jamie Rosales, was charged with injury to a child for leaving her son in the care of his bedridden aunt.
She’s sticking up for her sister.
An attorney for Jamie Rosales, Oscar Vega, said his client believes the death was possibly caused by the morbidly obese woman rolling onto the toddler.

Kind of sad, really. And because a two-year old was involved, I’m gonna leave it at that, and dodge all the obvious, politically incorrect jokes.

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I believe there was a similar story on CSI as well.

Yeah, correct, on CSI too. There's nothing new under the sky. :)