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Well sure, if you go out boozing, you’re practically begging for it

the-accused.jpgAcross the pond, a 29-year-old woman was raped several years ago after someone spiked her drink. She eventually wound up before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, some British governmental thing which apparently gives compensatory money to victims. Rape victims generally get an award of $20,928 but — get this — her award was cut by 25%, to $15,696, because “the evidence that we have shows that your excessive consumption of alcohol was a contributing factor in the incident.”

Yup — she was a drunk, so she was basically asking for it.

Thankfully, a higher court had some fucking common sense and overturned the decision, so the woman will get the full money.

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I saw something similar the other day, also from Britain. A woman was raped by a teenage neighbor when he broke into her house and raped her while she slept. Because she had been drinking that night, the alcohol was a factor in the decision to give him a lighter sentence and a smaller damages claim. What the hell is wrong with foreign court systems? I know the U.S. isn't at all fool-proof when it comes to sexual assault cases, but it seems like there are an awful lot of heinous rulings that come out of other countries, and not just the ones where a mule counts for more than a daughter.

I can't speak to the specific incident, but it seems to me that this kind of ruling makes a certain amount of sense. Lessening the rapist's sentence sounds stupid, but if someone is going to be irresponsible enough to put themself in the kind of position where they are vulnerable by having to much to drink without having adequate support from friends around them I don't see why they should be awarded money for something they could have avoided by not doing something stupid.

You see, if a guy goes out and gets drunk and someone robs him, his drinking is not "a contributing factor" to his robbery. Women are not supposed to drink and women are not supposed go to bars alone, and if she does either she was asking for it. That's what "contributing factor" really means.