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Bill Clinton is Kind of a … Dick

Did anyone find Bill Clinton’s facial performance during Hilary Clinton’s speech last night a little dishonest? It was, without a doubt, a fantastic speech, and I actually felt all of my pre-campaign fondness for Hillary return, at least for now. But while it might be easy to read into Bill’s fawning facial expressions a doting admiration for his wife, I found it somewhat disingenuous, particularly when he began mouthing the words, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” Personally, I preferred it when I could think of the Clinton’s as calculated politicians, their marriage an arranged one, for political convenience.

But seeing Bill facially express his love for Hillary during that speech, what came for the forefront of my mind was not, “Oh, he loves her. He’s so proud of her,” but: “You walked all over this woman for years, had two or three affairs that we know about, and lied repeatedly to your wife.” Bill has treated Hillary like a walking mat for at least three decades, and now — now — he’s becoming Mr. Territorial Don’t Fuck with My Wife Husband? Give me a break.

I understand why he feels a little jilted by the Obama Campaign and why tonight’s speech will probably be tepid, at best. But what I don’t get is where Bill gets off insinuating that Barack Obama and his campaign treated Hillary badly during the primaries. They were elections. Contests! Meanwhile, Bill Clinton mistreated his wife where it really matters: In life. In love. And in marriage. And now that all the real political power lies within Hillary, Bill seems to be claiming ownership of that marriage again. *I love you. I love you. I love you.*


Here’s hoping — praying — that Bill Clinton shows some of that old magic again tonight, and not what we’ve seen lately: The hostile rantings of a bitter ex-President.

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I completely agree with you on this. Hillary endured some serious public humiliation on account of Bill - I read all about his nasty ways when he was governor while I was in law school (interesting choice, casebook editors).

I'm over the Clintons at this point -- Hillary's speech did make me feel a little warmer to her, but, ultimately, it's not the Bill and Hillary Show anymore and they need to just accept it.

Also -- did anyone see that interview after the speech with that totally distraught Hillary supporter? That lady was a hot mess.

This shows how shallow I am, the first thing I noticed was that Chelsea looked really hot.

I feel bad for Hillary's humiliations, but I don't think his affairs were a secret to her. I think she's pretty asexual, and gets off primarily on her political prowess- I like to think they have an agreement regarding his womanizing and the only real problem for her is that he got caught. that's my $.02

You are shallow, but you are absolutely right. C-dawg looks fantastic. Go Team Stylists, Go!

And you know about the Clintons' marriage contract and Hillary's sexual preferences because you are... a close personal friend, right Snarla? You've known them for years and years, yes? Been invited to all the family gatherings? Attended Chelsea's christening? So glad to get the real inside scoop from someone who really knows!

Dustin... this makes me so tired. You rip on Hillary for months and months, spewing only hatred and delivering hysterical rantings that lately have been bordering the absurd.

And now you feel like you can call Bill out on treating her poorly? He obviously has, there's no point in debating it. I was and still am very disappointed in him. My own father is a serial cheater, and I have seen what it can do to a family. It sucks.

However, you trying to call Bill out on it is pretty much bullshit. You are one judgemental bitch.

I thought her speech was pretty underwhelming, to be frank, but then again, she's a terrible speaker, one seemingly incapable of putting any emotion into any words she uses in front of a camera. Perhaps in person, she comes off as inspiring, but to me, she tends to be pedantic, formulaic, and condescending.

As to how she has been treated, I don't live in Pennsylvania or Iowa or Ohio or any of the other big primary states, but from what I saw/heard/read Obama was no where near as negative and vituperative and Hillary's campaign was. I realize that the big wigs have to apologize to her, as if she was somehow mistreated, but do we citizens have to perpetuate their necessary falsehood? If this is to be an issue of justice, it's Hillary who should be apologizing to Obama. Because of how negative she ran her campaign in the Rust Belt and the two disqualified states, Mr. Obama has a huge hole to dig himself out of in those places if he hopes to make them competitive.

And Laura, Considering how many below-the-belt attacks Hillary used in the South East and Rust Belt, and her arrogance throughout the campaign, and the sense of entitlement with which she pursued it for the first few months, Mrs. Clinton deserved having some bloggers taking her to task.

Ok, after going away, taking some deep breaths and eating some carbs, I’ve come up with a slightly calmer response. It begins:

That may be Julian, and I wish that Hillary had been more selective in her comments and strategy. However, there are two ways to take a candidate to task. One is to simply say, Clinton skews the facts during a Florida rally, here's what the numbers really are. That is what FactCheck.org does. It's very effective.

Then there is the other way, which Dustin and so many other bloggers are happy to do, which is to scream... Hillary lies! As she has so many times before and she's a horrible human being! Sadly this is also very effective, and even more so because it has the power to entertain a certain type of person.

Dustin has spent months denying that Hillary has even one fiber of genuine feeling in her body... that she even has the right to experience human compassion from others. To suddenly turn around and stand up for her (sort of) because he's still mad that Bill violated his trust is just stupid. It sounds indulgent and petty.

If you want your political party to rise above that, rise above it. If think your candidate to be the better man, be the better man. Show other voters that a rational, sophisticated person is in favor for that candidate. It may encourage them to listen to you.

I like Obama. I think he is a thoughtful, well-read family man. I think he has a lot of good ideas. Hillary was my choice, but I was always (and still am) very realistic about this race.
I'm glad Obama is the nominee; I hope to hell that he wins. And I'm actually glad Hillary isn't the nominee... fairly or unfairly people like Dustin would never let her hear the end of it.

This is too long, I know, but I'm leaving it. Tomorrow's Friday, people! Have an awesome long weekend.

Does anybody else think she's got a Shirley Partridge thing going on?
It was a Screen Gems' event for me.