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Did Huckabee Peak Too Soon?

davidhuckabee.jpgSo after skating by for months as his star rose among his fellow G.O.P. presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee’s near front-running status has given rise to some digging into his past as we ramp up toward the beginning of election season in January. Last week, the New York Times Magazine did a splendid hatchet job (registration required) on the man, basically ruining any chance he had with voters who read the magazine. Fortunately for Huckabee, Republicans tend to steer clear from the uppity NYTimes, so many may never realize that 15 years ago he suggested that people with AIDS ought to be quarantined — a belief that actually may merit a few more votes from the Christian Conservatives.

But now comes news that Huckabee may have used his power as Governor of Arkansas to hush up an investigation into the torture of a dog by his son. When David Huckabee was 17, he apparently hung the dog from a tree and killed it. This raised all sorts of animosity from animal-rights organizations, which called for an investigation. The police, however, never looked into the allegations, even though David was dismissed from the Boy Scouts for breaking their rule to “be kind.” And David said that he and a friend were merely putting it out of its misery. By hanging it from a tree.

I’m from Arkansas. And I know a lot of dogs that were put out of their misery. And it always involved a shotgun. Never a tree and a noose. But maybe a pastor’s son figured this was the best way to ensure that the dog got to doggie heaven.


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I'm not a Huckabee supporter in anyway but I find it interesting how a second or third tier candidate always seems to come out of nowhere, starts to get momentum, and then is killed by the media. It seems like the media picks front runners early and then do everything they can to keep their pick in the front. Its the only way I can make sense that Guilanni is even given a chance in the Primary with his personal life such a mess. I don't think FOX NEWS wants to admit they made a bad pick.