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Depends on what the Definition of Wrong Is

billclintonpresident.jpgThis may seem far-fetched, but in my mind at least, there’s a certain train of thought that’s slowly picking up steam, and it is this: Bill Clinton, either purposely or subconsciously, is trying to derail Hillary’s bid for President?

I mean, look at the evidence: The man, for eight years, nearly never had a public temper tantrum — more than almost anyone, he knows how politics works. He made a ton of mistakes in his personal life, but he did the improbable in 1992 and came out of nowhere to win the Presidential election. The man knows how to campaign.

So, why is it, then, that in the last three or four months, he has botched his wife’s campaign so many times? If he were running, there’s no way he makes this many mistakes. And then, yesterday, asked about the election, Bill said this:

“They got two candidates, they basically like them both, and they have different strengths,” he said. “And they have to decide which skilll set is more important, number one, for the country’s welfare in the long run, and which one is more likely to be elected. And you know I have my strong convictions, but I might be wrong.”

I don’t know about you, but for the thousands of Bill Clinton hanger-ons like I myself was until just a couple of months ago, this right here is tacit permission — he’s damn near giving us his blessing to vote for Barack. Hell, that’s an endorsement, folks!

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Jezebel calls this "doing a Bobby", as in doing a Bobby Brown to her Whitney. Shock, horror - there are guys out there who like to bring down their wives. And let's face it, it's not like Bill has demonstrated unswerving respect and loyalty ... I think it's unlikely but I'm just saying.

HRC is goign to file for divorce if she loses the nom, and he wants out.

Actually, I tend to think the opposite explanation is more plausible... Big William is being a good little soldier for Hillary's campaign, despite his better campaign judgment. Watching the tape of these comments, they strike me as ridiculously calculated outbursts; the timing is awkward, the rhetorical structure totally out of sync with historical Clintonian ire (and here I think you're just wrong Dustin... Bill of '92 and '96 was notorious for his little bursts of very public anger, that was part of how he rounded character attacks). Big Willie was saying the repugnant things the campaign strategists couldn't have Hillary saying, but needed someone of profile to say.

And I'm sorry, the quote you cite? Isn't an endorsement...it's one of the nastiest subtle political backhands I've seen in awhile. "I might be wrong...I mean, what do I know, I just ran this country for 8 years..."