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Barack Bamazone!

frozone_sm_front.jpgJust one more reason, among the millions, to vote for Barack Obama:

Barack Obama might be courting the ever-important geek vote by reaching out to Comic-Con in the hopes of making an appearance there, according to reports. No, we are not kidding. Now, we’ve got no idea what Senator Obama might be wanting to do there, aside from the fact that he could very well be a comic book fan, but we think it’s pretty damn cool, nonetheless.

How awesome would it be to see Barack Obama at a comic-book convention? I wonder which character he’d come dressed as? My money is on Frozone!

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Here are my nerd feathers showing, but maybe he'd come as Black Lightning, who was the Secretary of Education in the Luthor administration.

I am such a Goddamned nerd it hurt sometimes.