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Department of Homemade Orchiectomy

castration-map.gifIf you’re a man, you may not want to read any further; it’s gonna get grisly.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jorey Lee Brewis — aka Rebekah Katherine —- imprisoned for robbery, is now suing the prison and 16 prison officials because she castrated herself after officials refused to deal with her gender-identity problems. She is seeking $10 million and immediate treatment for her disorder; this coming after several attempts in the past to both kill herself and remove her testicles.

And how, you ask, did she castrate herself? With her fingernails:

On Sept. 18, the lawsuit says Brewis castrated himself in his cell using his fingernails “partially based on study of the Gray’s Anatomy book that teaches castration.” It took five hours, involved “extreme mental suffering,” and “a whole roll of toilet paper was used to absorb all of the blood,” the lawsuit says.
“Upon eviscerating the testicles, plaintiff tied off and ligated the epididymus on each bare testicle with hair ties and two rubber bands,” the lawsuit says. Afterward, “plaintiff shredded the deadened testicles and mutilated them to ensure they were dead,” according to the lawsuit.

I think I just passed out.

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I think I just threw up in my mouth a little... and I'm a chick!

I heard this on the radio and my legs went numbe. Five hours? Fingernails? This person doesn't have the balls to sue.