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Hey, at least one of the cars is a Prius


(Hat tip to Coffee from a Cardboard Cup)

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Why would you need three homes in Phoenix? Do you switch when the mood strikes? Do you wait until one gets dirty and then move to another while the first gets cleaned? Does one look better with Christmas lights, while another is a great place to have a pool party and then the third is perfect for housing your wife's $3,000 suits and jewelry?

I live in Phoneix, and can't imagine needing (or wanting) three houses. Of course, one of them (down the street from me) has a bank auction sign out front, although I'm pretty sure that that's the one they foisted off on some poor schlub who paid through the nose for the honor, but couldn't keep up the payments. So, would that have made it four houses until last year?

Two homes on Coronado?? I swear that island (ok, technically a peninsula) only has like 100 houses on it to begin with,

I'm confused at how two professionals with kids manage to only use one car. Seriously? Just the one?

SneakyLawyer: Well, the Obama's live in Chicago, which has public transport, so they could carpool to an El stop and go they're separate ways. My dude and I live near the El, we don't own a car and get along swell. Of course, we don't have kids.

Maybe the babysitters have cars?

oh crap. Now I look like a dumbass - read "they're" as "their"...

Am I wrong in assuming that neither of them really drives themself somewhere in his own car that often?

Not that this helps my own core of seething outrage any, but at least one of the properties is a condo purchased for their daughter Meghan. Presumably while they (or Cindy McCain, or the various companies owned or controlled by Cindy McCain) maintain legal ownership of these homes, Senator and Mrs. McCain don't actually attempt to reside in all of them. Homes as investments rather than...homes.


Have deleted a pile of snark. The phrase "Joe Sixpack" was in there, though.

I wish my parents would buy me a condo. And one of those little GEM cars, those look fun!

Estelle, you make an excellent point re: public transportation. I forgot about that. (I live in the burbs, and we have shitty bus service.)

Still, I would be fascinated to know how many "hired" cars (including the babysitters') are being used on a daily basis right now to get everyone from point A to B. Because O is NOT schlepping to interveiws via the bus, I'm pretty sure. Granted, neither is McC.