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hillary-barack.jpgOver at Slate, Akhil Reed Amar has an interesting piece where he lays out his theory for Obama and Hillary not just sharing a ticket, but sharing the presidency. Thanks to the 25th Amendment, Amar breaks down how they could cycle the presidency back and forth, re-appointing the other as VP when the power shifts hands (yes, they’d need Congressional approval, but Amar thinks that they’d get it if it was clear from the get go that this is the reason they were being elected). Amar also notes that they could milk this relationship for a full 16-year reign, each ultimately winning two elections as the “above the fold” candidate, and each serving eight years as the nominal President.

Is it an interesting proposition? Sure. Legal? Yup. Likely? Of course not. But it’s a fun Monday morning read.

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On a related note, it occurred to me the other day that, if Hillary insists on claiming (or at least implying) that her experience includes eight years as "co-president", wouldn't the 22nd amendment bar her from being elected?

Just out of curiosity, where are her tax returns?

I'm not so sure that sharing is one of Hillary's strong points. Does not work and play well with others.
Just sayin...