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Great Moments in the World of Irony

irony.jpgNow, it takes a truly rare individual to pull some thing like this off. It seems one Krystal Evans of Crescent City, California, had submitted a urine sample for drug testing. It was only afterwards that she realized that the test might come out positive, leading to her arrest. So she did what any rational being would do: she got her friend and fellow testee, Denise McClure, to help her steal the sample from the delivery truck carrying it.

After the two flagged down the southbound van, Evans told the driver she’d forgotten to put something in a package and asked that the back of the van be opened, Riese said. McClure then grabbed a bag of urine samples and started to look for Evans’ test, Riese said.
The driver heard one of the women say, “I gotta get the stuff or I’ll go to prison,” and after he threatened to call law enforcement, they fled, leaving the samples behind, Riese said.

But here is where it becomes a Great Moment in the World of Irony:

It turned out that Evans’ urine tested clean, but an oral swab test conducted after the attempted theft came back positive for methamphetamine, Riese said.