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Aybe-may Ee-hay Ould-shay Ent-Ray “The Ire-Way.”

theWire.jpgDown in Australia, Jeffrey Ismail has pleaded guilty “to two charges of using a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend on the day of” some reprisal gang riots. Ismail is the leader of a gang and on the day of these riots, he called various folks to basically put the riots together. And unfortunately for him, the cops had his cell phone tapped.

But he’s no dummy — he knew someone might be listening. So he tried to hide his messages in the deep code that is Pig Latin, referring to “shanks” as “ankshays” and “bats” as “atbays.” But he didn’t use Pig Latin when talking about knives, so maybe that was his downfall. I’ll tell anyone who listens that they should watch “The Wire” because it’s awesome. But if you’re thinking of running criminal endeavors over the phone, you really must rent “The Wire” to learn some real useful tricks.