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Why Not Just Do a Rain Dance and be Done with It?

raindance.jpgAlabama Governor Bob Riley has been dealing with the fact that his state is suffering a terrible drought right now. Crops are dying left and right, and there’s a concern that state rivers may not remain navigable without intervention by the Army Corps of Engineers (and nothing can go wrong with those guys on the scene, right?).

Stymied by this problem, Governor Riley issued an official proclamation calling for folks to pray for rain: “I, Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby encourage citizens of Alabama to pray daily for rain.” Church leaders are of course in support of this proclamation, while the president of American Athiests is rather less supportive: “Words escape me. Are we really conjuring the rain gods to bring rain?” American Athiests is based in New Jersey, so my question is - what are they doing sticking their nose in Alabama’s business?

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Eh, I don't know if its a violation of the tough-shit clause, but I guess one does what one can. But yeah, the rain-dance thing might be an idea too.

For once, the Christians and the Pagans have something in common:

Rain magic!

To say that American Atheists shouldn't be sticking their noses in Alabama's business by making the statement they made is almost as lame as posting a blog about a US governor who tells his state to pray for rain.
To anyone who is irrational enough to waste their time praying (including for rain) why not pray for the elimination of stupid blogs. Hopefully you won't have the time to write a dumb blog if you are spending your time praying.