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It’s about time man-tits were made illegal

bitchtits.jpgIn Easton, Maryland, 18-year-old Sean Cephus was given a ticket earlier this month for having the temerity to wander around outside with no shirt. This scofflaw was in direct violation of the town’s 1974 ordinance forbidding public toplessness and so Cephus became the third person in five years to get a ticket worth up to $100 and 10 days in the clink.

When asked about the ordinance, Police Lt. Gregory Wright said that it was a public nuisance to have folks walking around with no shirt on. Here in LA, more times than not I think it’s probably ok. The dudes who usually go shirtless are all jacked and if most of the gals wanted to go topless, well, this blogger wouldn’t complain. But I’ve lived in Maryland and, uhm, yeah — there, toplessness would totally be a nuisance. So well done Lt. Wright — keep up the good fight!