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What’s he supposed to do? Give her a fucking medal?

spanking.jpgA lawyer in Maine who runs a nonprofit organization that helps blind folks has been arrested and charged with domestic violence. Seems he got a touch pissed off when her daughter rung up a $5,000 cell phone bill. So he grabbed her and spanked her.

I’m sorry man, but I was spanked as a kid and it weren’t domestic violence — it was parental retribution. Almost always warranted and quickly recovered from. And a five-grand cell phone bill sure seems like the kinda business to me that warrants the Parental Hand.

In fact, the only thing that’s bizarre about this story, in my mind, is that the daughter is twenty-years-old. And spanking a twenty-year-old just seems odd.

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The fact she was NOT a minor pretty much puts it in the domestic violence category. Or would it also be OK if he had a young trophy wife and spanked her?

What the father ought to have done is called the cops before it got that far. Or sued her in small claims for part or all of the bill.

Man, if I ran up that kind of debt, I would totally understand if they spanked the living daylights out of me. And I'm 25.

I'd like this chick to imagine being in the hole to a loan shark instead of her dad. People get messed UP for 5k!

Bring on the paddle, pops...

i have a feeling this wasn't her first offense. pops is sick and tired of working his arse off for this child with out any appreciation. i wouldn't have whipped her though i would have just let her know i had enough, took the cell phone and then took her to small claims.

"Or would it also be OK if he had a young trophy wife and spanked her?"

Didn't you know? That's the whole point of young trophy wives. They'll get freaky like that.

i thought getting spanked as a child was hilarious, and as a 26 year old i love it just as much. although, if it were my father doing it now instead of my boyfriend I think I'd throw up.

Is it wrong that when I first read this, I thought the nonprofit was causing blindness in people?

Why is a parent paying for his 20-year-old's cell phone?