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Calling All New York Bar Applicants

orgyfirst.gifTaking the NY Bar? Stressed out? Worried about the 22 subjects you need to learn for one of the hardest bar exams in the country? Can’t deal with the droning Bar-Bri instructor or the nightly MBE questions?

Well, you could relax with a nice glass of wine, a little nicotine, and a Top Chef marathon this weekend, OR, you could engage in an orgy!

Check this Craiglist post (since removed):


The NY bar exam is coming… It’s a time of intense study for recent law school graduates with a phenomenal amount of stress involved. Stop studying for a few hours and de-stress at a weekly orgy!

Every week, my girlfriend and I will be hosting an orgy for those studying for the bar and/or their partners.

We realize that the law profession is very much about one’s good name and reputation, so we will host with the greatest of care and anonymity. Don’t use your real name, don’t talk about your school or your firm, just come and have fun.

Ummmm …. ewwwwwwwww. No offense to the lawyers and future lawyers amongst our readership, but take a look at, say, any Law Review photo from any law school in the country, and you’d quickly realize that an orgy comprised of lawyers would likely be just about the least titillating experience of your lifetime. And can you imagine the Aspergerish retards that’d actually show up to a Craiglist lawyer orgy? They’d bring flash cards and diagrams. Yikes. 

(Major Hat Tip to Above the Law)

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One year ago today I was sitting in a Bar-Bri class somewhere on the Cornell campus slowing coming to the realization that I was going to hate my life for the next 2 months and there was nothing I could do about it.

I handled the stress by developing a daily routine of cracking a beer at 5pm and calling it a day. The NY Bar Examiners might get my mornings and my glorious summer afternoons but they would never take my summer nights!

And you know, I passed. No orgy necessary.

"Aspergerish retards" in combination with "Common Sense Lesson #158" are why I won't be reading this site any more.

Agreed. Dustin, I love your writing, but people with Aspergers aren't retarded.