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The Daily Memo - 6/11/07

check.jpgAn ambulance chasing lawyer may get copyright protection over his the cartoon advertisement he uses of a bandaged patient who has a prescription for the attorney’s services. (Law.com)

check.jpgSigh … another stupid “your movie stole my idea” lawsuit, this time from used-to-be-a-comedian Laura Kightlinger, over Mike White’s Year of the Dog. (Cinematical)

check.jpgRepresentative Barney Frank has introduced a bill which would get rid of the ban on internet gambling, instead putting the big money business under strict regulation. (News.com)

check.jpgA Miami burglar (Florida - where else?) accidentally turned on a ventilation fan in the store he was robbing, winding up rather dead. (Local6)

check.jpgUS Weekly and a Beverly Hills boutique have settled a lawsuit over the tabloid’s alleged refusal to mention the store, costing the shop over $10K a week in sales. (Contra Costa Times)

check.jpgAn Air Force family receives $24.5 million because, it turns out, doctors outrank majors. (KSDK)