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Blogosphere Bottom Feeders

TMZ%202006.JPGGod’s honest: I hate TMZ.com. In fact, I hate nearly all websites backed by millions of dollars of corporate money that insist on calling themselves “blogs.” It’s bullshit — it smacks of the Pulp’s “Common People.” You can’t live like “common people” when you’re shitting hundred dollar bills. Call yourself a goddamn website — don’t sully the last shred of respectability the term “blog” has with your salaried staff and an endless budget to spend on “scoops” and paparazzi photos. If you were a real blog, you’d steal the paparazzi photos, take credit for other organization’s “scoops,” and post in your underwear while drinking twice-filtered coffee and scratching your testicles.

Whatever. I mention TMZ.com because they’ve somehow found a way to lower themselves even further into the muck of tabloid amorality by getting their hands on the O.J. Simpson “imaginary confession” book that Harper Collins killed earlier this year after it was inundated by public backlash (it also led to super-twat Judith Regan’s ouster). And, of course, TMZ being what TMZ is (page view whores), they put it online in PDF format.

The problem? Well, as it turns out, the family of Ron Goldman (who was murdered along with Nicole Simpson Brown) potentially owns the copyright to If I Did It? (question mark theirs, not mine). A federal judge has allowed the heirs of Ron Goldman to go after the copyright because it’s part of O.J.’s bankruptcy estate (which he tried to shield) and TMZ, by posting the book online, potentially diminished the value of the copyright. To be fair, the Goldmans are kind of scummy too — they purportedly want to publish the book themselves and market it as a real O.J. Simpson confession, because it’s apparently fun to profit off the dead.

At any rate, TMZ.com — which likely got the book from a file sharing service — claims that it did nothing wrong. A court-appointed bankruptcy judge disagrees and wants to hold the website in contempt. But, really, how much more contemptible can you be? TMZ has kind of bottomed out in that regard.

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Awwww.. did big bad TMZ upset your delicate widdle sensabilities? God, you guys sure are whiny little sissy fags. TMZ put up a link to the manuscript for something like 10 minutes. Big deal.

Of course, you ignore the bigger issues like the fact the Cali even allows civil suits against people who were acquitted in jury trials. The whole thing smacks of double jeopardy. Also, you have the jackass civil suit lawyers saying the jury trials are shams and they will get their clients real justice, basically mocking the system they are a part of.

Thanks for the educated and articulate response z0l0ft (if that is your real name!). But the fact of the matter is, every state in our nation, as well as federal law, allow for civil suits after people have been acquitted by criminal jury trials. That's not double jeopardy in the slightest.

As for what TMZ did, they may have violated some laws. That is a big deal, quite frankly, especially when you consider the fact that the site is run by a lawyer.

But thanks for reading!

"Super-twat" may be the best name-calling I have seen on this site, and that is saying something. Oh, and way to point out the actual law to anti-depressant boy up there. He should use his super-internet snooping powers to check these things out before making an ass of himself.

Wow, z0l0ft...it sounds like someone failed out of their first year of law school. Double Jeopardy is being sued for the SAME CRIME for which you were already acquitted or convicted. In order to have a double jeopardy in this situation, the Goldmans would have to sue OJ for murder...

OJ still owes a boatload of money to the Goldmans through Court Order, which OJ "cleverly" dodges by saying the money he earns doing shit like this does not fall under the correct category of earnings by which the sum was Ordered to draw. I take offense to the labeling of "scummy". The profits from publishing the book would have started filling the hole of debt that OJ is so obviously not paying. Furthermore, I think that this family still needs closure. They know who killed their son, and have a "confession" in this book. It is not profiting off the dead but rather sticking it to the "killer" while they use the profits to pay the debt they are OWED BY HIM.

Squee! I love law blog slap fights.

Nice work, Claire... Was gonna say so myself!