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God Save the Myspace Generation

myspace.gifThis, folks, is just how pathetically central the role of Myspace is in the lives of teenagers these days. Out in Indiana, a severely messed up 15-year-old kid had an argument with his Ma. When police arrived to check out the disturbance, Tyler Dumstorf opened fire, ultimately killing one cop and seriously injuring another (damn).

Of course, shooting and killing a police officer (R.I.P. Frank Denzinger) didn’t stop Dumstorf from posting on his Myspace page. After the shooting, Tyler ran back inside his house, and left a message stating, “I just killed two cops. Goodbye.” Tyler then shot and killed himself.

According to his Myspace page, Tyler was a fan of classic rock, so I suppose there will be an inevitable lawsuit blaming Lynyrd Skynyrd for the shooting.

It’s also kind of weird that Tyler’s “Myspace friends” are still posting messages to him — er … he can’t hear you, folks. He’s taken the Stairway to Heav … Hell.

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Actually, leaving messages on MySpace for the deceased is a common practice. It helps keep their 'memory' alive or something along those lines. I read an article about a similiar situation, only the kid was killed by fellow gang-bangers, not suicide. I don't know how you could even take the page down in that situation, without the password or anything.

I read some of the comments, and considering the low number of trollish garbage and the high number of actual caring people, there may be hope yet.

If you really wanna be creeped out, check out MyDeathSpace.com

Will people have to start adding provisions in their wills for who should manage their myspace account when they pass on?

"He’s taken the Stairway to Heav … Hell." "Highway to Hell" would have been prudent. Probably was a fan of the AC/DC. ...just saying.