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See, crime does pay!

degas-painting.jpgOne thousand burglaries? Holy mackerel.

A confessed burglar described by police as one of the most prolific thieves in Los Angeles history was resentenced Tuesday to 7½ years in prison after making a police training video showing how he stole about $16 million in property, including a Degas painting.
In an effort to win the slightly reduced sentence, Ignacio DelRio, also known as Ricardo Caveda, also drew a map that led police to some $400,000 worth of stolen goods he had buried under a San Fernando Valley freeway overpass.
”He confessed to 1,000 burglaries, and I have been able to find 180 victims so far,” police Detective Robert Longacre said after the sentencing. (Source)

And you just know that when this dude gets out, he’s going to make similar training videos and presentations across the country, and will probably wind up far wealthier than any of us reading or writing about this story. Bastard.