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Let the children’s voices be heard!

children-voting.jpgThe mother of 5-year-old Alex Barton is considering filing a lawsuit against his elementary school teacher because she had the nerve — the audacity — to try to teach her kindergarten class about democracy. Melissa Barton has filed a complaint with the authorities, but no criminal charges will be filed, because it was determined that this vote didn’t amount to emotional child abuse, as she contends.

I mean, why would you think it’s emotional child abuse for a kindergarten teacher to allow her students to vote on whether an autistic kid should be kicked out of the class?

Yup. Wendy Portillo let the sixteen kids in her class vote on whether Alex, who’s currently undergoing testing to determine for sure if he’s got Asperger’s syndrome, should stay or go. And in a 14-to-2 vote, the kids said “send him the hell out.”

…Need I mention what state this class teacher works in? It rhymes with Schmorida.

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I think this teacher just voted themselves out of a job.

This woman is unteachable and should not be allowed around children. The report in this case indicated that she made children in her class her priority and she protected them "like a mama bear protects her cubs." Sometimes they also eat their young. CASE IN POINT . . . .