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Barack to Screw Up Your TV Watching Tonight


I don’t know what kind of interest there is in tonight’s Barack Obama paid infomercial. I’d just assumed that most folks have made up their mind already and might find it a nuisance, particularly since it pushes back the World Series game by 15 minutes, although the primetime schedule at 8:00 on a Wednesday isn’t exactly compelling, save for “Pushing Daisies,” which will air as usual.

But, you might be a little more interested if you knew that portions of it will be live from a rally out in Florida, and Bill Clinton may or may not appear.

Wednesday night’s Barack Obama primetime ad will contain a live segment near the end of the telecast.
The Democratic candidate is in Florida tomorrow and teaming with former president Bill Clinton for the first time on the campaign trail. The live portion will be broadcast from an evening rally, though it’s not clear if Clinton will share the stage during the segment.
“The entire half hour is being fed live to various outlets from a site in Florida,” a source said. “They’ll be feeding a tape for most of the broadcast and then a live portion at the end.”

It’s a risk, and it could backfire if protesters get involved. But I suspect it’s gonna be one of those rousing, Obama speeches full of goose-pimply moments.