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Best Robocall Ever?

Robocalls should all be this sexy, you know (phone-sex Robocall starts around the 1:20 mark).

And the candidate’s defense: “Starkewolf, a 27-year old University of California Davis alumnus and graduate student, stated on his Web site that, ‘I take the credit or the blame for the statement that went out today. The unpaid staffer who recorded and submitted the message may have been a little overly enthusiastic in the delivery, but I believe it is good to get enthusiasm back into politics.’”

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It should be pointed out that the ad features a Republican candidate attacking a Democratic incumbent for voting with Bush.

I just started watching Rachel Maddow and I have such a girl-crush.

Oops, excuse the double post. I also meant to say I would vote for anyone named "Zane Starkewolf" regardless of his actual politics. Especially because my vote doesn't count in his state anyway.