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My new favorite Congressman

nerd-alert.jpgLast Saturday, there was a special election in the 14th Congressional District of Illinois, fat bastard Dennis Hastert’s old stomping ground. Democrat Bill Foster won the election, which came as a bit of surprise in the Republican stronghold. I’m always happy to see a Dem take a Republican’s seat, not that the Dems are necessarily that much better.

But in this case, I’m particularly happy, because Representative Foster is also a nerd. He’s a physicist with a Ph.D. from Harvard, and he knows how to write software code. In assembly (for the non-nerds out there, that’s some true nerd shit, trust me). He spent 22 years working at Fermi, studying high energy particles, and he’s even done circuit design.

To most of our readers, none of this likely means shit. But it warms the cockles of my nerdy little heart, it truly does.

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One of my Computer Science lecturers promised to teach us some Assembly next month. I'm unreasonably excited by this. It's good to see scientists getting into government. No offence to you lawyers and economists and such, but you just aren't suited to it.

Yeah, I live in northern Illinois and Foster ran a strong, positive campaign running on his experience as a FermiLab scientist. The more people who understand what science (and don't think the internet is a series of tubes), the better.

Chugga- Unless by "excited" you mean "I wish it took 8 lines of code to add two numbers together," I wouldn't hold my breath.

we Nerds in Illinois are very happy he has been elected...and that he beat Oberweis...POS GOP rat.

I know that this is late to the discussion, but I was on vacation and refused to take a computer along!!! Bill Foster was a primary designer of the ETC (Electronic Theater Controls) theater lighting control board. He was also a founder of the ETC company, at age 19!!! For you who do not know theater lighting, this computer based machine is a wonder!! I'm a lighting designer and I have used most boards out there and the ETC is the best. By far. Bill has some genius in him and, living in northern Illinois, I voted for him. One problem: he is way too smart for Congress. CCC