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And now for the talent portion of our competition … idiocy

in-the-corner.jpgMiss Teen Louisiana USA may be cute, but she ain’t so smart. Seems that Lindsey Evans and three friends were recently hanging out at a local restaurant and evenutally got a $46 bill. Rather than, you know, paying the bill, they decided that an old fashioned dine-and-dash was in order. But after making a prompt getaway, Evans and her friends had to return because Miss Teen LA left her purse behind.

In the meantime, the restaurant’s owner had found the purse, along with Evans’ ID, and called the cops. Who were still there when Evans and company returned. They were all promptly arrested and charged with theft. Evans was also charged with possessing marijuana because — whoops — there was some weed in her purse too.

(Hat tip to reader Regina W.)