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Shenanigans at the QuizLaw Alma Matter

BUtower.jpgWell, with Molly writing for the site now, I guess BU School of Law isn’t, technically, the site’s only law school alma matter, but whatever. Above the Law tells the tale of some shit that went down at BUSL last year, and it stinks. I guess a new professor was brought in on tenure track and given a first year property course to teach. She didn’t do such a good job, and wound up getting a host of bad reviews from the students (ATL says she “received scathing reviews” — is there a new crop of Pajiba writers brewing at the ol’ BUSL?).

But Dean O’Rourke decided the best thing to do was to throw those reviews out, and not even publish the 1-to-5 rankings. She met with the class and explained to them that the professor has a good record at her old schools and is going to get tenure anyway so, essentially, deal. Pressed, O’Rourke now says that she should’ve explained things better, but she doesn’t feel bad about not publishing the reviews, because her reasoning wasn’t that “I thought [the students] were mistaken about that particular class but to give a faculty colleague with a long history of teaching a fresh start at her new home.”

Sweep under the rug much Maureen?

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On one hand, it kind of makes you wonder about the law professor's "good record" from her previous schools - did she get that good record the same way she got this one? On the other hand, I've been on the receiving end of student evaluations that I felt were unfair, so ... students sometimes do have their own reasons for giving bad evals. (One of my students, for example, wrote in his comments that he didn't think I was a good teacher because I failed him for plagiarism. Yes, he admitted the plagiarism in the comment.)