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And cute puppies everywhere can breathe a huge sigh of relief

puppy2.jpgThe Wisconsin Senate has passed a bill which now allows pets to get domestic abuse restraining orders. Well, technically, it lets their owners include the pets on restraining orders that they get, but it’s pretty much the same thing. While I think crazy pet owners sometimes take their pet ownership a bit too far, I’m ok with this. If some asshole is going to beat his wife, he may just as well kick the dog, so I think it’s fair to protect the dog, too.

However, there should totally be a cat exception. Cats suck, and deserve to be punted every once in a while. You hear me Garfield?

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Hold up, did you just compare my kittens to Garfield? This. is. war.

Ok, ok, I take it back. I just read your ode to Arrested Development over on Pajiba, and I just can't stay mad at you.

the local women's shelter recently partnered with an animal rescue organization to foster shelter residents pets. A woman died because, well because she married an asshole, but also because he set her dog on fire when she tried to leave. So she came back to try and rescue the other living dog and he killed her. I can't imagine being in her situation as the police declined to intervene since it was just a dog.