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We’re number “somewhere in the top 100!” We’re number “somewhere in the top 100!”

top-100.jpgThe ABA Journal has published a new list: The ABA Journal Blawg 100. And you’re darn skippy that QuizLaw’s there. Says the Journal of us:

Sharp, fast-paced commentary about legal and nearly legal news and events.

That’s right, son. Sharp.

The list is broken down into twelve categories and all the big blawgs are naturally there, along with quite a few that you probably haven’t heard of (hell, there are certainly plenty that are new to me). QuizLaw has been planted in the “Generally Speaking” category, along with quite a few worthy contenders. And of course, the ABA Journal wants traffic, so they’ve opened it all up to voting. So between now and January 2nd, feel free to head on over and give the QuizLaw some voting love. Our traffic isn’t as large as some of these other guys, so we hold no dreams of actually winning what is ultimately a popularity contest (in fact, at the time of this writing, we’re already in a healthy hole behind the leading, and worthy, Overlawyered), but for every vote that QuizLaw gets, an angel is granted a demurrer.

You can vote for us by clicking on that lovely little banner below (which — hey, look at that — is conveniently scattered all over this site now!). So get to it — the angels are desperate to avoid their day in court, don’t you know?

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You got my vote! Of course you're the only law 'blawg' I've ever read, so I might be biased.

And was that offer of no more Gray's Anatomy reviews on the level? Please?