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A Random F**king Thought …

pelosi-reid.jpg I’m sure this is the sort of thing that’s probably been discussed to death on actual political blogs, and I’m sure there’s a very simple answer to it that I just don’t know. But this question has been nagging at me over the last few days: Why the hell can’t Congressional Democrats replace their respective leaders, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

Seriously: If there is anyone over the last year that is actually less popular George W. Bush, it’s Pelosi and Reid, the absolute worst faces that Democrats can put forth. They are both whiny, weak, out-of-touch morons. The Democrats hate them nearly as much as the Republicans do. And yet, the right wing media continues to equate the rest of us with Pelosi and Reid. They are the leading reason why the stimulus bill is gaining in unpopularity.

Why doesn’t Congress replace them? They can keep their seats, of course. But in the opening weeks of the Obama adminstration — a presidency that’s supposed to be all about change — why do we have the same two ninnies running the show in Congress? There are countless Senators, and at least two Representatives that would better serve the ideals of the average Democrat. Why can’t we put in Russ Feingold? Or Barbara Boxer? Or Blanche Lincoln? Hell: Anyone is better than Reid.

So what gives, Congressional Democrats? We can’t do a damn thing about who y’all elect as your representatives, and there’s no reason Californians or Nevadans would kick them out, what with all the perks their respective constituencies get. So, what can we do? What can you do? How do we make this happen?

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Because if Pelosi were replaced we wouldn't have great lines for Alec Baldwin such as last Thursday's:
"Don't bother me Lemon. I'm busy dealing with this financial crisis that Nancy Pelosi caused".

There is a movement afoot to send tennis balls, golf balls, base balls etc to reid's office. How funny is that?

Those two really are clowns. Even if you're a lefty, you have to agree that those two have no business being in Congress much less its leadership.

Thing is, at the beginning of each Congress they leaders are (re)voted in. The dems do have a chance, every 2 years, to replace their leadership and they choose not to.

Because DC is all what you have on the other guy and covering your butt. They both have put in enough time to have a fair number of nasty cards they can play if they so choose, plus other Dem's can blame them come re-election time (it wasnt me it was the leadership) or a convenient scapegoat if they lose midterm elections (see every other leader whose party loses its majority). You seriously have to mess up to get replaced, usually in a very public way during a slow news time (see Wright, Jim).

Sorry to point out the obvious, but these two were elected by their own party. Clearly they represent what the Democratic Party believes, or am I wrong?