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Is this part of their new “show your thighs for the skies” promotion?

flight-attendant.jpgKarin Keegan is a Delta flight attendant. In October ‘07, she tried to snag herself a standby seat ib a JetBlue flight (JetBlue has an agreement to let Delta flight attendants standby on flights to their job assignment cities). But she was denied because she was dressed too provocatively.

Strike that — that would be just another one of “those” stories.

Keegan was denied because she wasn’t dressed provocatively enough! According to her new lawsuit, some male employee tool said she needed to sexy herself up a little, and proceeded to let other attendants with less seniority get on in her stead. Keegan, meanwhile, actually went and got changed, only to be denied a second time, being told it was now too late.

Moral of the story? Get it right the first time!

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didn't a PAID PASSENGER get kicked off a flight not too long ago for being dressed too provocatively?

wish the "friendly skies" would just effing make up their minds!