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A QuizLaw Update on the Latest Gay Republican

newsPic223543_83907.jpgYesterday, we told you about Richard Curtis, a Republican state legislator in the great state of Washington, who denied allegations that he was gay and had solicited sex during a legislative retreat. We asked Mr. Curtis, kindly, to come on out and loudly proclaim his homosexuality.

Well, he obliged (he must be a QL reader).

State Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center, admitted to having sex with a man he met at an adult video store in Spokane last week, according to a police report released Tuesday afternoon.
The report is filled with graphic details of an encounter that began at a porn store on a Spokane Valley strip and concluded miles away in Curtis’ room at the city’s poshest hotel.
The police report contains an account of how Curtis allegedly donned women’s clothing, red stockings and a black sequined lingerie top before engaging in a sex act at the store. He continued to wear them throughout the night under his clothing.

Black sequined lingerie? Oh, come on, Curtis. You’re a retired firefighter (and a married father of two). Why you gotta go there? And why is it, when Republicans are finally outed, they all have to be goddamn perverts of some sort. Can’t we just find a nice gay Republican in a normal, loving relationship?

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Because they'd get lynched in Congress.

"why is it, when Republicans are finally outed, they all have to be goddamn perverts of some sort"

I'd guess because a lifetime of repression breeds weirdness.

We need a word other than "gay." Gay should just mean people who are sexually attracted to members of their own sex, and are fine with that. There needs to be a separate word for Larry Craig and the televangelist whose name escapes me and all the rest of these hyper-repressed self-deluding hate-spewing jerks who will NEVER admit to being homosexual.

Oh wait - we already have a word for that: Republican.

"And why is it, when Republicans are finally outed, they all have to be goddamn perverts of some sort. Can’t we just find a nice gay Republican in a normal, loving relationship?"

Maybe you can't find a "normal" closeted gay because that is an EXTREME minority within the gay community. Most gays don't want a spouse and a two car garage. They want to get deep dicked by strangers in airport restrooms. That, or, they want to push their mushroom head into the brown eye of as many hairy backed homo's as they can find at the gym.

FYI: Don't be shocked when you find out someone in the closet does really disgusting things sexally. That is why they were in the closet to begin with.

Or, instead of being a really stupid reason^^^^, it could be that folks with such sexual tastes aren't going to advertise it, regardless of their actual sexual orientation. Sexuality is a difficult thing to pin down; what might turn my stomach could turn you on. So to say. So even if Curtis had sex with a woman, he might not feel to comfortable revealing the cross-dressing.

The well-adjusted ones have no fear of being outed, since they realize their relationships are quite healthy. It isn't that most gay people are perverted, it is just that most people who try to hide their sexuality do so more for WHAT they like than WHO they like.

PS: The reason I say it is stupid is because straight folks do it too. I dare say more breeders avoid the nuclear family scenario than gays do. They don't have the monopoly on freakiness.

right on vermillion. i know a number of straight people who like... less than orthodox things sexually. they might talk about the philosophy of it (why BDSM is not inherently degrading to women, for example) but most of them will only discuss the acts and dynamics per se when they're talking to an equal. these guys dont feel they have equals. shame, really, because they don't seem to be into anything THAT abnormal.

Gay Republican = Pervert
Gay Democrat = Sexually liberated

Why the difference? Why should the nature of a person's sexual orientation be judged by their political party?

Nobody said he was a pervert because he was gay (except you and JYH). That is entirely opposite of the point made in the post.

By the way, he (and his fellow once-closeted Republican leaders) are perverts because

1) they are usually caught doing the deed in locations and ways that most folks would considers pretty skeevy, even for heteros; and

2) they are constantly the loudest protesters against even the most mundane displays of affection between two people of the same gender. To them, a kiss in public is an affront to God and America, but dressing up in drag and getting blown in a porn shop is just a "misunderstanding" at worst.

At least a gay Democrat doesn't perpetrate in that regard.

I won't question how you would know that.